The Double Mobo Award Winner continues to use his prominence for good causes. Days after the release of his new single ‘Been Hustlin’, he returns with a plea to everyone to support this movement.

Here is a statement from the East London native:

Allo Mate…
I am doing the Mean Bean Challenge for Tearfund – a great charity I’ve decided to dedicate some time to.

So, what’s the Mean Bean Challenge? Well, it’s a proper good way for us to start to understand the difficulties of millions of people living in poverty. Tearfund work with people around the world helping them have hope for a better future – people like Matunda.

For 5 days we’ll eat nothing but plain rice and plain beans. No
Nando’s ?


…which is going to be tough for me, but more importantly we’ll
raise money to help those who live with hunger every day.

I need you guys to back it! I’m looking for 100 people to join my Mean Bean team, get sponsored and take the challenge with me! Strength in numbers and all that jazz. I believe we can do more together than we can apart, so come on the journey and share your experience, tell your story and raise some money.

And if you join my Mean Bean Team and aim to raise £100 each, I’ll treat you to an exclusive private gig with a bit of food to celebrate how much we’ve achieved to help support those in extreme poverty.

Signing out.


Let’s do this!


So there you go, 5 day of nothing but Rice and Beans. Head over to the Just Giving site


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