Wake up for the shake up, baby!

DJ Kelechi aims to turbo charge your new year’s resolutions with a banging new mixtape. The Move Mixtape is an hour long DJ mix of high energy tunes to motivate and inspire you as work or workout. The inspiring soundtrack is made all the better with specially recorded sound bites from leading motivational speaker, Mr Beezy.

The Move Mixtape is non-stop mix of high energy pop, dance and hip-hop bangers from J Hus, Stormzy, LZ7, J Vessel, Capital Kings, Becca Folkes, Twelve24, GAWVI, Guvna B, J Hus, Stormzy and many more. Plans are already in place for DJ Kelechi and Mr Beezy to collaborate again on a Grime/Trap/Rap flavoured motivational mixtape in the near future.

The Move Mixtape is available to stream or download for free from www.dj-k.com/move1

DJ Kelechi Quotes:
“At first, I did it for myself really, LOL!” Said DJ Kelechi when asked about the idea behind this project.
“I’m a goal oriented person. I wanted something perfect for when I’m in the gym or working hard at my desk! Also I’ve had so many requests from fans of my Praise Party mixtapes for workout mixtapes. Plus I’ve had the privilege to visit a lot of schools and youth groups recently and I see young people that need to be encouraged to really go after their dreams.

“Mr Beezy is a good friend of mine and we’ve worked together in the past. As one of the top motivational speakers in the UK at the moment, it was an huge bonus that he could take the time out to drop some pearls of wisdom for me.”

Mr Beezy Quotes:
“I’ve known DJ Kelechi for years and have always enjoyed his mixes, I’ve always wanted to do a motivational mixtape as a motivational speaker so when DJ Kelechi presented me with the idea, I jumped at it straight away

“DJ Kelechi has the idea but little did he know it was something that I’ve always wanted to do, so when he mentioned it to me, it was a no brainer to get involved

“I hope that listeners will enjoy the music but also gain motivation and inspiration from the messages on the tape, it’s a unique tape and I hope it will give the listeners the mindset to go and fulfill their dreams/goals.”

The Move Mixtape is available to stream or download for free from www.dj-k.com/move1

For more information on DJ Kelechi visit http://www.dj-k.com

For more information on Mr Beezy visit https://www.mrbeezy.com/


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