Fresh from her appearance on Day time talk show – ‘THE TALK’, the southern belle opened up about her battle with depression and Mental Health. Even though she was applauded for her bravery, unfortunately online trolls saw the funny side of it and continued to make rude and derogatory comments towards her and her time in Destiny’s Child.

Statement from Calebskidsfoundation :

Yesterday former Destiny’s Child member Michelle Williams opened up about her bout with depression and suicide ideation. A popular blog reported about Michelle’s interview , many of the comments were outright sickening. We have blurred out the usernames associated (its important these trolls are not given any type of publicity or shout out). These types of comments cause those with mental illness and/or suicide ideation to suffer in silence and not seek the help that is needed. mental illness, depression and suicide is no laughing matter. This is a serious topic. We commend the strength of Michelle Williams in telling her story. we will continue to do our part to help STOP THE STIGMA ASSOCIATED WITH MENTAL ILLNESS

This is not the first time Michelle has been attacked online, there is a website and twitter page dedicated to Michelle –  ‘A comcompilation of all the times Michelle Williams got the short end of the Destiny’s Child stick… (The girl just can’t catch a break!)’


We are so proud of Michelle for taking this bold step and speaking out. If you have the opportunity to use your voice you should use it. You never know who you might be saving from depression or suicide.


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