Guvna B’s book titled ‘Unpopular Culture’ has reached a huge success after selling 3,205 copies within his first release. According to Richard Blackwood, ‘Unpopular Culture showcases moral character, decency, and humility. You’ll love it’. This is deemed as a huge success from the double MOBO award-winning Grime/Rap Artist considering it’s his first ever book. Due to this amazing success, Guvna B has released the audiobook for Unpopular Culture which contains snippets of exclusive song and is available to purchase anywhere. We can truly confirm that Guvna B is flipping the script as well as ‘rebelling against the status quo’. Guvna B is not just a musician but someone who hopes to be a beacon of light where people become stereotypical products of a negative environment; he is a writer in who aims to inspire, inform and equip minds.

According to Post from GRM Daily ‘Guvna B is a great example for the youth and a very knowledgeable Guy. You’ll love Unpopular Culture’

Naomi Scoot-  ‘Guvna B genuinely cares about making an impact on people’

Dj Ace – The perfect balance of skill, courage and deep messages

Twin B – Alex Boateng – A must have for anyone who needs positivity in their life

Oliver Proudlock – Guvna B is a young talented man who is leading by example

Richard Blackwood – Showcases moral character, decency, and humility, You will love it

Saltlight Group – Amazing book, Guvna B is changing the game and doing it his own way

Make sure you purchase your copy.


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