After a 10-year Album hiatus, the Jamaican songstress returns with a brand new album titled ‘Set Time’, why the hiatus you might ask? she replies:
‘God was doing His thing, I kept receiving new music but the season was not yet fulfilled for music to be released.
And on her background:
My roots shaped me and had a lot to do with who I am today. When I was a little girl I would sing at any chance I got even though I was shy I was desperate for change in my life from poverty, so I had to push pass shyness and be bold. In Jamaica we had many sound systems that I would get a chance to sing one song just to see if I could get a break. The Sound System was always crowded with many others like myself looking for a opportunity to sing on the mic. So here I am today through the favour of God owning my own mic’
The album debuted at no. 12 on the Reggae Billboard Charts and is the ONLY Christian album in the top 15. Let’s get it to No. 1! Lift up JESUS! If you don’t have a copy, go get it now!


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