Following the rollout of three new iPhones on September 12, Apple has been quietly making some rather notable changes to their Digital Media Retail Store, iTunes. As reported by numerous media outlets last week, the Tech Giant has streamlined the iTunes Experience in anticipation for their new mobile devices and forthcoming software updates. These ‘changes’ have seen the App Store completely removed from the iTunes Desktop App, their ‘Internet Radio’ has now been incorporated into the Music Section, and ‘iTunes U Collections’ can now be found under ‘Podcasts’. Some of these changes were announced by Apple in August.


One of the more discreet recent changes, however, was the removal of the ‘Christian & Gospel’ Category from the iTunes UK Charts – something I noticed following a Facebook Post by renowned UK Gospel Musician Adrian Moore, just two days ago. The ‘status update’ read “So iTunes Gospel & Christian Charts are gone, no more 50 sales to a number one,? let’s see how People get kicks now ?“; a rather interesting perspective considering the fact that the actions that appear to have achieved (and subsequently celebrated) this feat the most (previously landing three #1s on the Chart, as I recall) are produced by Moore. However, despite whatever perceived ‘personal’ controversy may have surrounded the post, it did speak to a wider number of issues that has been plaguing the niche ‘UK Gospel Industry’ for some time now – which, now that Apple has removed the ‘crutch’ from beneath many of these Artists, I hope can now be addressed. To put this quite simply, a #1 on iTunes UK’s ‘Christian & Gospel’ Chart was nothing but an ego-booster – and personally, I’m glad Apple has finally gotten rid of it.

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