“I’m just a worshipper who loves God.”

These words said on stage by Travis Greene were more than empty remarks. He didn’t come all the way from the US to give a half-hearted performance. He put everything in because he’s clearly passionate about the one he’s doing it for.

At his gig at the Hippodrome in Golders Green, Travis Greene started his set the same way he starts his album. Here for You kicked things off in a meaningful and upbeat way.Then came his own take on Vashawn Mitchell’s Nobody Greater. He even threw in a little tease of Made A Way. But it was just a tease. Live performance 101: never give away your biggest hit in the first 10 minutes. Everyone knows that.

The highlight in the first half for us was Intentional. Sure, it’s easy to pick out one of the anthems as a favourite. But as well as the singalong-ability (shush, it’s a word now), was the fact that he switched it up. It was different enough to the album version without ruining the song. The reggae infusion worked for the live crowd and was a pleasant surprise.

During Intentional, Travis wasn’t afraid to get among the crowd. He waded through the standing audience to continue his song from the camera platform. If only they had this thinking for the rest of the show. The only misstep of the evening was an imperfection of the venue. The stage was too low so those who were standing didn’t have the best vantage point. The ‘vertically challenged’ were hit hardest.


But then came The Hill. And everything changed. The tempo, the atmosphere. And it was awesome. It set the tone for the next few tracks. The Hill became a mashup with traditional hymn Nothing But The Blood. Other well known favourites including You Are The Most High God, and Alpha and Omega followed.

Then of course there was Made A Way – the full version this time. He took his time here. He wasn’t scared to let things settle for bit – just enough for everyone to reflect. He told his testimonies and although we’ve heard them on the album, they were no less real.

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